What Doesn't Break

by Tom Goss

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"What Doesn't Break," the new album by Tom Goss, releases August 2, 2016. This, the sixth album released by the LGBT singer-songwriter, marks a new chapter in Goss’ career. A close collaboration with producer Marr Zimm, the album was written during an emotionally turbulent year of transition for Goss, who moved to LA after a decade in Washington DC, and celebrates resilience and growth. Along with Goss’s trademark love songs, “What Doesn’t Break” also includes a range of tracks that are anything but romantic. “Someone Else” is a hard-hitting, go f-yourself rocker; “Wake Alive” and “In For It” are anthemic power ballads, celebrating jumping in with both feet; “Holes in the Wall” tells a somber tale of a dissolving relationship, with a light style that belies its heartbreaking story; while “Thirteen” and “Mama” finds Goss at his most vulnerable, honest and confessional. All in all, it’s Goss’ most musically and thematically complex release to date.